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Hey there Fellow SUPERpreneur,

Amanda Goldman Petri (Superhero Name: AGP) comin’ at ya. And I’ve got one word for you today:


Tell me, what happened when you read that word? Did you feel excited, enthusiastic, and overjoyed?

Or did you feel your stomach knot up a bit… sweat beading up on your forehead… your heart skipping a beat?

If you’re like a lot of coaches, I think I know the answer.

It’s a scary word for a lot of coaches, for sure.

And it’s hard to be good at things when you’re scared of them. Especially sales.

But you know what makes selling even harder?

The sheer truckload of unmitigated poo that
most coaches are calling “sales coaching.”

You see, there are plenty of coaches out there who say they can help business owners – hardworking, big-dreaming people like you and me – make more sales and get more prospects to say “Yes”.

But what they give you… well, that’s another story.

Most just teach you part of selling – like the mindset of sales or lead generation – but that’s it. No “big picture” training. No comprehensive step by step. No showing you how to put all the pieces together to generate predictable, abundant streams of income.

Even worse, some of these coaches don’t have any idea what they’re talking about at all.They’re just teaching something they’ve heard from another coach, without any practical sales experience… hoping you’ll believe them enough to pay for their programs… and that they can disappear before you figure out they’ve handed you a bunch of useless fluff.

And so, after dumping $1000s (and maybe more) in training programs, workshops, and coaching sessions… you’re not one inch closer to being able to keep your sales calendar full and making the kind of cash you need for the lifestyle you’d love to become accustomed to!

Is that the kind of Coaching Universe you want to live in?
Me either!

Lemme tell you, it really burns my bagel every time I talk to a coach or business owner who’s been struggling for months or years because they’re stuck trying to string together bits of bad sales advice!

And, as a coach, it should bother you, too!


Because it points to a lack of integrity in the coaching world. It makes us look like a bunch of “ivory tower” crooks who don’t know the first darned thing about effective sales techniques, and who are just content making stuff up and ripping off clients right and left.

How are ethical, passionate coaches – people like you and me who truly care about our clients’ success – supposed to build thriving, profitable coaching practices when there are so many unscrupulous villains out there dragging the coaching industry through the mud?!

That’s why I created…

The “Get The YES!” Certified Coach™
Training Program

“Get The YES!” Coaches™ are an elite band of sales professionals who are committed to restoring justice, integrity, and profits to the coaching world.

Armed with the step-by-step, proven strategies for filling sales call calendars and connecting with ideal prospects to not only get them to say “YES” to working with you, but to also turn them into loyal, incredibly happy, paying customers… these SUPERpreneurs are taking back the coaching industry for GOOD!

But they’re not just saving the day for their clients… they’re also using their skills and knowhow to grow their own coaching empires!

They’re filling their calendars with sales call appointments every week, and turning those calls into YESes without feeling sleazy, pushy, or manipulative!

And they’ve solidified their positions as the go-to superheros in their coaching niches… because their clients KNOW that what they teach works! (After all, why would you want to learn from someone who can’t do what they teach themselves?)

Right now, I’m gearing up to launch a new session of the “Get The YES!” Certified Coach™ Training Program. And that means that a handful of passionate coaches like you have the opportunity to get the real-deal sales training to not only dramatically increase cash flow in your own coaching biz… but to help your clients create their own fortunes too!

Sounds dynamite, Amanda!
So how does the
“Get The YES!” Certified Coach Training Program work?

Glad you asked, fellow justice-seeker! Like all of my certification programs, the “Get The YES!” Certified Coach Training Program follows a DO/TEACH/SELL format. After all, you need to know your stuff inside and out if you’re going to help your own clients with it… so I’ve structured everything so that you can implement my sales-generating strategies in your own business and see how it all works. Then, you’ll learn how to get your clients Hulk-sized results for your clients by training them the right way… and then how to sell the material in this program to grow a revenue stream Tony Stark himself would be proud of!

Let’s break it down, shall we?

  • DO

Pull up your spandex tights and lace up your shiny superhero boots, because the first part of this program is a 30-day race against your fellow program members to book the most sales calls (it’s friendly competition, don’t worry) where the best performers will win prizes… accolades… and even a Key to the City! (Ok, not that last one.)

Your Scheduling Calendar: We’ll kick things off by diving into the first training, which will take you deep into the secrets of setting up your sales calendar the right way. After you’ve completed the training, you’ll optimize your sales calendar for goal-smashing results and post it in the “YES! Guild” Facebook group (more on this in a minute).

Getting The "Yes": Next, we will give you a treasure chest full of strategies, techniques, and insights for getting more YESes out of your sales calls… without being pushy or feeling slimier than The Swamp Thing! You’ll have an opportunity to practice on-the-fly sales calls with a fellow program member, so when you actually get on the phone with prospective clients, you’ll feel more confident than The Flash at a grade school track meet!

Scheduling Calls: You’re going to learn the simplest, most effective way to schedule calls on your calendar – and you’ll be fully implementing what you’ve learned so far to generate a flood of sales calls for your own business. We’ll also get into a BONUS training that will scale your sales efforts and be the “go to” SUPERcoach in your niche!

You’ll start telling me about the results you’re getting, so that I can make sure to give you the points you’ve earned for the 30-day race. But don’t worry – I’ll be there to coach and guide you every step of the way to help you generate a truckload of sales calls, so I know your report is going to be mind-blowing!

Following Up: This training is all about following up on sales calls like Peter Parker with a hot news lead… so that you can maximize conversions and increase your cash flow. Lots of coaches don’t do follow ups the right way (or at all)… and they’re leaving money on the table! We’ll also get into your 2nd BONUS training, which will show the simple approach to tracking sales accurately – this will not only keep your finances in order, but it also helps you forecast future sales!

We’ll wrap up our 30-day sales call race, you’ll turn in the last of your results, and my little minions and I will tally up the points to see who came out on top!

Points are awarded for:

  • Homework completed and submitted
  • Sales calls scheduled and completed
  • Revenue generated during the 30-day race

Pretty simple, right?

Now… let’s talk PRIZES!

Yes, the boost in your business will feel pretty darned good, let me tell you. But if you’re one of the top 3 coaches at the end of the 30-day race, you’ll also get…

3RD Place: I’ll shoot over a $100 Amazon gift card you can use to buy yourself a new superhero cape (or, you know, anything else you want)!

2ND Place: I’ll send you a $100 Amazon gift card AND give you a SUPERpreneur Spotlight featuring you and your business… in front of my audience of over 10,000 people!

1st Place: Of course, you’re getting the $100 Amazon gift card. And you’re getting your own SUPERpreneur spotlight too. BUT… you’re also getting FREE access to ONE YEAR of “The League of Certified Coaches”, which is packed with easy-to-follow trainings, certification opportunities, workshops, and coaching to help you master every aspect of your coaching business… and enjoy the superhero lifestyle you deserve!


So you’ve filled your calendar with sales calls and your conversions are on fire. You’re on your way to pulling in enough cash to build your own Fortress of Solitude (if you’re into that). Now what?

In the TEACH phase, we’re going to dive into teaching your clients how to implement the sales-rocketing strategies you implemented in your own biz in the DO phase. Knowing the material (and having used it to scale your own business) is critical… but so is knowing how to teach it to others. Otherwise, you’re just the gal who makes it all look easy… while your clients can’t even come close to getting the same results.

Here’s a snapshot of what we'll be covering:

Roadblocks: Helping your clients work through “roadblocks.” When it comes to selling themselves, your clients will have all kinds of roadblocks, like poor self-confidence, fear of selling, fear of rejection, fear of seeming “pushy”… the list goes on and on. This training is all about giving you the tools to help your clients plow through those roadblocks, so that they can finally start achieving their sales and income goals. (And helping them remove those roadblocks makes you look like the hero you truly are, too!)

FAQs: Questions, questions, questions – your clients are going to ask the same ones over and over again. What do I do if a prospect says my fees are too high? What if a prospect wants a written proposal? We’ll go over all the questions that you can expect from your clients… and you’ll learn how to answer them quickly and effectively (after all, you are the genius in your niche)!

PLUS, YOU'LL START PUTTING THOSE SHINY NEW TEACHING SKILLS TO WORK! You’ll grab a partner from the program and practice sales coaching… and get real-time, honest feedback to help you teach the art of sales even more powerfully!

  • SELL

Now it’s time to start setting things up to sell this sales coaching material to your own clients! I’ve included step-by-step training modules, plus a stack of templates, swipes, scripts, and other tools to make it easy to get your clients to say YES! to your sales coaching offer!

On the first day of the SELL phase, I’m giving you a 30-day license to all of the material in this program. That way, you can go ahead and get started converting clients and making bank!

Here’s how the SELL phase training is laid out:

Offer Ideas: We’ll dig into how to integrate sales coaching into your business seamlessly, so that new and existing clients can’t wait to get their hands on it! I’ll also give you sample offers, packages, and swipe copy to take the guesswork out of creating your sales coaching offer.

Legal Best Practices: We’ll look at something every sales coach needs to know – the legal aspects of sales coaching. With this training, you don’t have to be Matt Murdock to keep yourself and your business out of legal hot water!

PLUS, YOU'LL START SELLING THE MATERIAL! Your assignment will be to go out and sell your sales coaching offer… and help at least one client generate 5 sales calls and make at least 1 phone sale. Daunting? Nah. You’ve got SUPERpreneur powers, my friend. You’ve got this! (But I’ll be here to help if you get stuck.)

Every part of this program is laid out in a logical, sequential manner that even Spock himself would be proud of. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done any sales coaching, or even if you have no idea where to begin. With my straightforward approach, you can master sales coaching and start seeing an impressive bump in your own cash flow in just weeks!

I’ll be holding LIVE Q&A calls throughout the program. Any time you run into a question or you just can’t quite get a strategy to work right, just jot it down and bring it up at the next call. I’ll happily give you the insights you need – after all, I’m only successful if I help you succeed!

I’m giving you exclusive access to the YES! Guild private Facebook Group, where you can post questions, ideas, or whatever else… any time of the day or night. You’ll be able to get help from your fellow program members (and from me, of course), make valuable connections, and enjoy a supportive environment where every member is committed to success!

See… I told you I’ve got your back!

Ok… now tell me how to Become A Certified “Get The YES!” Coach!

You got it, SUPERpreneur! Actually, if you’ve already done all of the training and implementation, this should be the easy part.

I’ll give you 30 days from the end of the SELL phase to get all of your assessment materials to me (a quiz and a few other items – again, it’s easy-peasy if you’ve already done the work.) Once you’ve passed the assessment, I’ll send over your personal “Get The YES!” Coach Certification Badge (it’s digital, so you can’t poke yourself with it) that you can use on your website, social media, and print marketing materials.

You’ll also get a private invitation to become one of my licensed “Get The YES!” Coaches. You’ll just need to sign a short licensing agreement, and then you can use ALL of the material from this program in your own business. Heck, you can even tweak it however you want – you’ve earned it!

Just so we’re all on the same page here, you must receive the certification badge and sign the licensing agreement in order to rebrand and sell the material in your own business. I know that’s a “duh” statement for most of you, but there are always a few in the crowd who need that spelled out.

Now, why am I the right chica to make your sales skills
more powerful than Mjolnir (you know, Thor’s big ol’ hammer)?

Like I said earlier, there are TONS of coaches out there who claim to be experts when it comes to sales. But I really don’t know of any who have these kinds of credentials…

  • In my last high-ticket Mastermind launch, I spoke to 16 prospects and got 15 of them to say “YES!”. That’s a 93.7% conversion rate (did you know industry standard is just 20%?)
  • I’ve successfully sold $10K, $20K, and even $40K offers through EMAIL and FACEBOOK MESSENGER (without even requiring a phone call)!
  • When I worked as a Telemarketer in college, I quickly accelerated to the #2 caller on the entire campus, working with some of the most difficult lead pools.
  • I’ve successfully coached biz owners, coaches, and other entrepreneurs from more than 31 countries on 6 continents!
  • I have some of the highest success rates of any coach in the industry – during one of my certification programs, 94% of my students made up to $40K using my training and insights… and that’s just in the first 3 weeks of the program!
  • I’m 100% committed to real, massive results – clients who enrolled in one of my programs made a whopping $661,000 in just 60 days with my help!
  • I give students the skills to not only use what they learn for themselves… but to teach it to their own clients – one of my students helped her client rake in $175,000 using just one of my techniques!
  • I’m giving you the opportunity to rebrand and sell ALL of the material in this program to your own clients. Just to give you an idea of what that’s worth to you… the first time I ran this program, I brought in a hefty $120,000! And my Certified YES! Coaches typically sell this done-for-you program for $1K-2K a pop. Where else are you going to get that kind of profit-piling opportunity?

Now, I know how easy it is for coaches to rattle off their achievements and talk about how great they are. You’ve probably gotten kinda used to that by now... and it can be a little hard to believe.

That’s why I don’t want you to just take my word for it. Instead, let’s take a look at…

What other SUPERpreneurs say about my training and coaching!

“98 sales calls in 48 hours!”
“I knew within a couple of posts that I just had to work with Amanda, her energy and positivity is contagious and so is her success! I implemented a few strategies from her Cash Injection Campaign and booked 98 strategy calls in 48 hours! I have since implemented a few more and was able to generate $7k in the first week of 2017! I have no doubt that Amanda’s strategies work and I have seen a return on my investment and then some within a few weeks of working with her. She’s AHHH-MAZING!”

~ Wendy Porter, Instagram Expert, Arizona

“I’m getting sales calls every day!”
The biggest breakthrough for me was very unexpected. It was you teaching me to stand in my power confidently as a leader. That and the Facebook group marketing strategies you’ve taught have not only gotten me my first paying clients, but I’m also getting sales calls on my calendar every day now!”

~ Sarah W

“I’m finally getting high-end clients!”
“I can’t stop buying from you, everything is so valuable! Right away, you taught me how to script my sales conversations in a way that worked and I sold right away. Then after we shifted my positioning, I was able to finally get some high-end clients in the door (which paid for the program and then some). You are so authentic and inspiring – thank you for everything!”

~ Brenda

“I’ve started taking on 1-on-1 clients!”
“When you got me on the phone, I was taking notes like a mad woman. It was REALLY GOOD STUFF! That’s when I knew that you totally knew what you were talking about! Since working together, I’ve started taking on 1-on-1 clients, and I think I’ve really perfected my group programs. I love how you set up your modules very clear-cut and step-by-step.”

~ Tiffany

“I booked 20 calls in 2 weeks!”
“It’s been 100% worth it. The biggest thing for me is how you’ve helped me get over my own crap. I truly believe in myself now. It’s also amazing how every question that someone has, you’re like, ‘Oh, I’ve got something for that.’ Literally everything!

~ Mandy

“I got over my fear and got on the phone!”
“Before working with Amanda, I was completely overwhelmed with info and really confused about what the heck I needed to do… until I stumbled across one of Amanda’s webinars and it was very eye-opening for me. Working with Amanda gave me an organized, step-by-step plan and not only took me out of overwhelm, but also got me facing my fears, doing so many scary things (like talking to prospects on the phone for the first time ever)! It was so valuable and I’ve never regretted it!”

~ Tami

“I’m finally getting on the phone with prospects!”
“I hired Amanda because I could tell she is extremely successful, she is very confident, and she always has amazing ideas. Before coming to her I was very scattered in my business and never had a plan in place to get where I wanted to go. I needed her to map out my next steps, and that’s exactly what she did. The biggest breakthrough was her recommendation that I start doing discovery calls, which I was very nervous about at first (I’m better behind the screen) so I never had experience. But I did it and it was an amazing experience and it taught me so much. I’m really glad she encouraged me to do that. So if you’re on the fence, just go for it!”

~ Tanya

Wowza…I’m in, Amanda! Tell me how to sign up so I can bring justice (and moolah) to myself and my clients!

Good choice! And since you’ve probably figured out that I’m only letting a handful of coaches take part in this empowering program, I’m sure you want to get in while there’s still space available.

So without further ado, let me tell you that all you need to do is click the button below and complete the simple registration form and payment details, and you’ll be locked in and ready to rock!

Be your clients’ hero as a Certified “Get The YES!” Coach for a one-time investment of


DOORS ARE CLOSED. CLICK here to Join the wait list.


Before you click that button, though…

Whew… ok, I just wanted to make sure you don’t miss this on the registration page.

If you want to get the payment out of the way now, you can pay the entire $995 for the program and never have to worry about that again.


If you’re watching your cash and need to spread out that investment over several months… I’ve got you covered. I’ve set up a payment plan where you can pay $199 today… and then $199 each month for the next 4 months.

The whole shebang is completely interest-free! (I know, that’s weird… most coaches charge extra fees out the wazoo for payment plans. But in case you haven’t already figured this out… I’m not like most coaches.)

I just wanted to point that out because I didn’t want you to miss out on such a Herculean opportunity because of the price. So if my payment plan sounds easier to manage, just make sure you choose that option on the registration page.

DOORS ARE CLOSED. CLICK here to Join the wait list.


P.S.: As much as I’d like to leave registration open for good, I’m running quite a few other programs that require my attention as well. I’ll be taking down the Certified “Get The YES!” Coach sign up page soon so we can get started, and so that I can give every member the attention they deserve. What I’m telling you here, Professor, is that if you want to rock a shiny new certification, stash more money in your own secret lair, and help give your clients the profit-piling secrets they deserve… then you need to step up and claim this opportunity right now! (I really don’t know when you’ll have another chance.)

P.P.S.: I know there are a lot of coaches out there who just throw a bunch of material at you and then expect you to puzzle it all out on your own. Well, that’s not me, partner in coaching justice! I pledge and guarantee that I’ll do everything in my power to help you increase sales and profits in your own business, and give you the skills and tools to do the same for your clients. I pledge that I’ll be approachable, reliable, and accessible – after all, what good is a training program if you don’t have expert help along the way?